Fixed Rotary Sootblower

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Fixed Rotary Sootblower


Size :T<6m

Application : Fixed rotary sootblowers is mainly used for blowing the economizer and air pre-heater in the tail flue of the boiler. It is suitable for blowing the heat exchangers with flue gas temperatures below 600°C.


Blowing principle : 

The blowing tube with multiple nozzles is placed in the furnace according to the arrangement of the tube row. When starting, the reducer drives the blowing tube to perform full rotation for one or more cycles. There are two types of tube purging and tube group purging.


Characteristic :

  1. Simple structure, no need the platform, small space and low cost.
  2. Low spare parts and easy maintenance.
  3. Professional design according to customer needs, optimize cleaning efficiency, increase thermal efficiency.
  4. Suitable for the travelof less than T < 6 m.

Advantage :

  1. Suitble for the blowing of different angles from 30° to 360°.
  2. Motor wiring is not affected, both positive and negative rotation can work without damaging mechanical components.
  3. The product is used reliably and low failure rate.