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Furnace Sootblower


Size :T=255mm

Application : Furnace soot blower is used for blowing the surface of the boiler wall. It is suitable for blowing the heating surface of the furnace wall with the temperature of 1800 °C.



Structure principle :

Furnace sootblower generally has a small structure. The blowing pipe is a spiral tube with two nozzles at the front end. Firstly through the mechanical transmission, the front end of the spiral tube is pushed forward into the furnace, and the valve opens and sprays. The blowing pipe is swept for one or more cycles while rotating, forming a closed circular blowing on the water wall.After returning to the spray start position, the valve closes and the blowing pipe is returned to the deactivated position to protect the nozzle and threaded pipe from the high temperature of the furnace.


  1. equipped with 2 high efficiency nozzle, blowingthoroughly and running smoothly.
  2. the special valve design not only adjust the pressure, but also adopt the double valve design to meet the special work requirements.
  3. clean the surface of the water wall completely without leaving dead ends.
  4. it can achieve the soot blowing requirements, such as 180° 240° 300° blowing angle.

Advantage :

  1. Compact structure, easy maintenance.
  2. Spare parts exchange, less maintenance.
  3. The blowing effect is obvious and improves heat efficiency.
  4.  Travel can be non-standard design.