Long Retractable Sootblower

Rake Retractable Sootblower
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Long Retractable Sootblower



Application: It is mainly used for cleaning coal fired boilers, biomass boilers, garbage incinerators and other heating surfaces, such as screen superheaters, convection superheaters, reheaters, economizer, etc.



Structural features:

The long retractable soot blower is mechanically driven by a rack and extends the blowing pipe to the interior of the furnace, and at the same time, the blowing pipe is used for rotating motion. The venturi nozzle arranged at the head of the blowing pipe is used for spiral retracting movement and ejecting. The medium cleans the ash deposit on the heated surface with proper momentum and improves the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler.


  1. The girder structure and moving parts are clear at once. Once problems arise, it is within reach.
  2. Using efficient nozzle to ensure less gas consumption in the case of soot blowing.
  3. The gearbox and the traveling box are not in the same box body, which improves the reliability of the transmission device and ensures that the gear box lubricants do not leak.
  4. Wide range of application, applicable to flue gas temperature conditions around 600°C ~ 1600°C.
  5. Travel T is generally less than 15 m.


  1. Extremely convenient overhaul, high interchangeability of accessories
  2. Blowing ability strongly, prolong boiler’s life and improve thermal efficiency.
  3. Once the electrical fault occurs, there is a mechanical protection device.