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Rake Retractable Sootblower


Type :T<4M

Application :  The soot blower is mainly used for cleaning the economizer fin type heating surface, the air preheater tube bundle heating surface and the SCR on the catalyst surface of the ash accumulation, the flue gas temperature is less than 500 °C.


Blowing principle : 

The rake soot blower is mainly composed of two parts, the soot blowing  rake tube and the outside blowing tube. When starting, the blowing pipe (outside the furnace) is pushed forwards or backwards through the mechanical drive of the rack, and don’t rotate. Since the center pipe of the soot blower in the furnace is linked with the blowing pipe outside the furnace, a plurality of branch pipes with a plurality of special nozzles are arranged on the center pipe, and the air flow from the nozzle is advanced or retreated through the outside of the furnace soot blow pipe. Blow the covered space without leaving corners to increase thermal efficiency.

Characteristic :

  1. Multi-speed gearbox design to meet different speed blowing requirements.
  2. When the traveling switch is out of order, the mechanical transmission device can be protected.
  3. the special double valve design can meet the higher pressure operation.
  4.  special furnace structure should be designed to meet different furnace support needs.
  5. The travel T is generally less than 5M.


  1. the structure is compact, reliable and easy to repair.
  2. professional design to maximize customer satisfaction.
  3. the blowing effect is obvious, which can prevent the heating surface from blockage effectively .