Technical Analysis and Comparison of Soot Blower in Waste Incinerator

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Brief description

     Boiler soot blower is one of the necessity machines for the safe operation of various boilers. Especially for waste incinerators, whether in the vertical or horizontal arrangement, the cokes can be severe in the superheater, the tail flue or the areas around the water-cooled wall, which can block the flue gas pathway between some heated surfaces, and cause the exhaust gas temperature to raise. Moreover, the low efficiency boiler can aggravate the corrosion of the heated surface, which leads to severe effects to the operation of the boiler. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of dust accumulation and coking, a certain number of soot blowers are required in the boiler design, which includes commonly used: steam soot blowers, gas pulse shock soot blowers, and sonic soot blowers. The following are the working principles, technical features and application scope of these three types of soot blowers.

Steam soot blower

Working principle:

The steam soot blower is a superheated steam that uses a certain amount of pressure and temperatures, which flows through the Rafael nozzle to generate a certain kinetic energy to be ejected at a high speed. This reaction can generate a large amount of force to blow off the ash and coke on the heated surfaces, which can also let the flue gas go away.

 Main form:

Long telescopic structure: The lance tube can fully extend into the areas where it needs to be purged and it can be operated by a 360° fan-shaped, then all the lance tube will be withdrawn after the cleaning is finished.

Semi-retractable structure: The half of the blowing lance tube extend into the areas where it needs to be purged and it can be operated by a 360° fan-shaped. Then, the other half is placed in the furnace to save the space.

Fixed Rotary Structure: The lance tube are all placed in the tail flue, and they will target  tube bundle to perform a 360° fan-shaped annular purge.

Furnace Soot blower: It is only suitable for purging the ash which on the water-cooled wall surface. The nozzle with the Lafar nozzle extends into the furnace and performs a 360° fan-shaped annular purge on water-cooled wall.

Technical performance characteristics:

The steam soot blower is one of the most traditional and reliable methods of soot blowing. It can perform thorough purging and it is highly effective. Due to the characteristics of superheated steam, it has large kinetic energy and expansion capacity. Thus, it has good effects on removing ash and coking of heated area. Especially for both vertical and horizontal waste incinerators, due to its special combustion features which include strong slagging, low ash melting point, etc. Thus, using the steam soot is an ideal choice.


1. It can be installed in various parts, such as superheater, economizer, air preheater, water heating wall heating surface.

2. It has great result to blowing the ash which are slag, has low ash melting point and are sticky.

3. The steam is directly extracted from the boiler, and the soot is blown according to the setting procedure and the control system.


1. The structure size is larger, sometimes can occupy space, and the platform can be required.

2. It is necessary to give boiler enough water.