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     The problem of ash accumulation on the heating surface of boilers has plagued the effective and stable operation of boilers for nearly a century. Although a lot of explorative researches had been carried out, the most effective method of blowing is to use soot blowers. With the depletion of global energy, burning of inferior coal, bio-stalks, waste incineration, etc. for cogeneration, increasing energy supplements is very common,Thus, the choice of soot blowers is becoming more and more important, especially steam soot blowers.

The use of steam soot blowers on various boilers has the following advantages:

     Economic benefit; The ash accumulated on the heating surface of the boiler has a high degree of thermal resistance. Generally, when the accumulated dust reached 3 mm or more, it can reduce the heat absorption efficiency more than 50%. Somehow, the thermal resistance generated by some viscous ash will be larger, if not timely to blow them. Without blowing these ashes, the boiler thermal efficiency will be greatly reduced, and can cause consume more fuel.

 Long cycle operation:

     The use of the soot blower can improve the operating cycle of the boiler, especially the burning of inferior coal, various biological straws, garbage waste, etc. Due to the large viscosity of the ash produced, the boiler runs for a period of time, making the load lower and lower. It will cause blockage of the flue. In the end, it is necessary to stop operation for cleaning and scorching. The economic loss for stopping the furnace is very large and incalculable. When the soot blower is installed, it can guarantee the full load, high efficiency and long-term operation of the boiler, which is an ideal choice.


    The boiler soot blower is the necessary equipment for the safe operation of the boiler. As long as there is a heating surface, the soot blower should be properly installed; otherwise, when the installation and operation of the soot blower are neglected, and the long-term operation causes large coking in some parts of the boiler, which causing a tube explosion by overheating of the heated surface, and finally forced the boiler to stop. In the case of normal soot blowing in the boiler, such accidents can be avoided, so installation of the soot blower is an indispensable component of the safe operation of the boiler.

The issues that should be paid attention during the operation of the steam soot blower:

     The quality of stream must be high. It is best to use super heated steam at a pressure of 0.8~1.5 MPa and a temperature between 280°C and 350°C.

     Since the kinetic energy of steam soot blowing is relatively large, the soot blower arrangement must be selected in a suitable position, which to ensure the blowing effect, and not to damage the tube row.

     When operation of the boiler is unstable, if the flue gas at the boiler is too high, the order and frequency of soot blowing can be adjusted. In this scenario, the soot blowing of the furnace can be enhanced to increase the heat absorption of the furnace. Whereas, when the flue gas temperature is low, the soot blowing of the furnace should be reduced, and the soot blowing of the super heater and the economizer should be increased to ensure the normal operation of the boiler.

     Regular maintenance of the soot blower, especially the dust removal and lubrication of moving parts, to prevent the equipment from being stuck and unable to operate.

     In summary, no matter what kind of boiler, it is an ideal choice to use soot blower to blow the heating surface of the boiler, and the return on investment is very fast. In general, boilers with soot blowers can increase efficiency by 0.8 to 1.5%. Therefore, various boilers in the world are basically installed with soot blowers, and they have become important equipment for economic and safe operation of boilers.